MyEPV Quick View

MyEPV Quick View is a product developed to help customers easily solve day to day problems, that usually need a lot of time to be identified due to the large amount of data to process and analyze. The following MyEPV Quick View components are currently available: Systems, Job Delays, AS.


EPV zParser and EPV for z/OS DBs.


MyEPV Quick View output is a set of navigable reports in HTML pages.


MyEPV Quick View can run on Windows, Unix or Linux. The installation process takes just a few seconds.


To run MyEPV Quick View you can execute line commands or schedule a .bat or .sh file.


MyEPV Quick View requires a valid MyEPV license.
MyEPV Quick View Job Delays also requires EPV zParser.
The other components also require EPV for z/OS.


The product’s pricing is based on a fixed yearly rental fee.