EPV Real Time CICS

EPV Real Time CICS is part of the EPV Real Time products suite.
It includes three components:
-EPV Real Time CICS Engine: to analyse CICS data provided in SMF 110 subtype 1 records and create the thresholds used to understand if a transaction needs to be classified as exception;
-EPV Real Time CICS User Exit, to provide a filtering mechanism that is applied to incoming data;
-EPV Real Time CICS Dashboard, a web application that is constantly updated to show the current exceptions and analyze them.


The product goal is to identify CICS transactions exceptions, combining machine learning techniques, other statistical principles and user settings.


EPV Real Time CICS input are the fields selected from SMF 110 records and collected into the EPV Real Time databases.


EPV Real Time CICS output is the product Dashboard.


EPV Real Time CICS can run on Windows, Unix or Linux. The installation process takes just few seconds.


To run EPV Real Time CICS you must run the EPV Real Time CICS Engine (learning phase), at least once, to create the thresholds and start intercepting anomalies. Then you just need to open the Dashboard.
Multiple sets of thresholds can be created in the learning phase and used to fit the workload behaviour.


EPV Real Time CICS requires the availability of the EPV Real Time product.


The product’s pricing is based on the number of systems whose data is to be collected.