EPV Graph for z/OS

EPV Graph for z/OS integrates with the EPV for z/OS product, adding graphical functionality which allows you to analyse in a simple intuitive way: Hardware costs, Software costs, produced “value” and virtually any other data.

Hardware costs

EPV Graph for z/OS provides an immediate and effective vision of daily and historical utilization of CPU and zIIP, at the enterprise level. Using drill-down techniques it’s possible to navigate in the graphs to analyse CP utilization by machine, LPAR, workload and subsystems, up to the most critical Address Spaces; a similar vision is provided for memory and disk space utilization.

Software costs

EPV Graph for z/OS always provides CPU utilization info both in MIPS and MSU. In just one click you can switch from one metric to the other. A graphical navigable vision at machine, LPAR and subsystem level, of the MSU used globally or in the “4 hour rolling average” is available.

The produced “value”

EPV Graph for z/OS provides daily and historical information about IMS, CICS, DDF, TSO, MQ, WebSphere and batch jobs throughput: globally at the enterprise level and detailed by workload and system type.

Virtually any other data

EPV Graph for z/OS includes a graphical engine you can customize to produce your own graphs.

An automatic and simple tool

All the graphics are automatically produced without the need for any other tool. Using the product you get the benefit of automatic standardization of graphs and simple, intuitive and effective navigation.

Ready to use

The produced graphs are ready to be used with any word processing tool and can be easily included in documents, studies, reports, presentations, etc.


EPV Graph for z/OS pre-requisites is EPV for z/OS.