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EPV Technologies develops and distributes Enterprise Performance Vision (EPV), a suite of products to manage performance and capacity planning in z/OS, Linux, UNIX, Windows and VMware environments. EPV uses automatic discovery techniques to collect, summarise and correlate systems metrics transforming the data into useful information in a completely transparent process. The use of EPV saves hardware and software costs, costly consultants' services, in-house performance analysts' time, multidisciplinary groups meeting time and provides many other benefits.
Distributed systems
Cross platform
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EPV unique Features

Automatic Processing

EPV processing is completely automatic without the need of any human intervention. Information is extracted and published by using auto discovery techniques.

Any Platform

EPV runs on any platform. EPV reports are published in static HTML pages which can be accessed on any platform.

No Pre-Requisites

No client is needed; only a standard browser is required. EPV pages can be accessed by means of any web server or directly pointing to the EPV home page locally or in a network shared folder.

Archiving and Retrieval

EPV pages can be easily compressed, saved and kept for years. At any moment they can be retrieved and analyzed.

Page Content Protection

Once created EPV pages content will be fixed forever. Whatever happens to the DataBase or the input data, pages content will not be corrupted.

Export to Excel in just one click

Any EPV page can be exported to MS-Excel with just a mouse click. An advanced export function is also provided to support graph refresh and macro execution.

Easy compare of different days

Navigation functions are provided to easily navigate between different days keeping the focus on the relevant report. Split and compare allows to split the screen and compare the content of any report on two different days. Calendar functions allows to freely choose the days to navigate or compare.

Automatic alerting

EPV automatically provides a log of the changes made to the system configuration and a set of user definable thresholds to provide exception alerts to performance problems and excessive resource usage workloads. Statistical analysis and self adaptive thresholds are also used to intercept any abnormal behavior. EPV alerts can be automatically and selectively distributed to technical groups and managers.